About Right Choice D.A.T.

Tina Wittington

About Tina Wittington

Hello, I am Bettina Whittington, co-owner of Right Choice DAT. I am a Certified Medical Assistant with 29 years of experience in occupation testing. I am certified professional collector trainer, breath alcohol trainer, certified finger print technician; for TSA, the State of Indiana, FAA, and certified DNA specimen collector, consultant for paternity and genealogy testing and a certificate for reasonable suspicion observation and training.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have at tina@rightchoicedat.com

Miranda Meneely

About Miranda Meneely

Hello, My name is Miranda Meneely - Arizmendi. I am currently the Office Manager and Drug and Alcohol Program Manager (DAPM) along with a CPC. As a DADPM I manage multiple companies Drug and Alcohol testing programs. This consist of updating their employee list, pulling their employees for randoms, notifying the company of their random selections, performing their drug screen on-site and in house, and organizing all their results and reports needed to stay compliant per their drug testing pixies and procedures.

If you are interested in having a Drug and Alcohol Testing program please call or email me at miranda@rightchoicedat.com

Amber Gregory

About Amber Gregory

Hi, My name is Amber Gregory, I am the team leader for Right Choice Drug & Alcohol Testing at the Westgate@Crane location. I am a Certified Professional Collector, Certified Fingerprint Technician, & Certified Breath Alcohol Technician. I am eager to meet you and discuss one of our many programs to help your workplace be drug free and in compliance with your specific needs. I am a 1998 graduate of Washington Community High School and attended college at Vincennes University. I am engaged to Jason Skomp, and we currently reside in Lyons, Indiana and have 3 children.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding any of the services we offer.

Terry Wittington

About Terry Whittington

Hello, I am Terry Whittington, Co-Owner of Right Choice D.A.T. I am a Certified Professional Collector, Certified Fingerprint Technician for the State of Indiana, Certified Breath Alcohol Technician, and a Trusted Agent for UES (Universal Enrollment Services), and a consultant for the Reasonable suspicion training.

Please feel free to email me for any questions or concerns you may have at terry@rightchoicedat.com